Voilà Donc

(And There)

In villages we are often led to bump into our neighbours. What do we have to tell each other?

Video Loop – 1:29 min – 2016

HD – 16/9 – Loop – Stereo

English transcription :

You meet by chance a neighbour we see to whom we say a simple hello
a little smile and you always have the opportunity to chat with one or the other
it is quite fast the discussion is quickly done
hello how are you and so on
we talk about him about me and ironing clothes
about news about what we heard about common stuff
we know each other more and more
and then we exchanged three words a little hello and stuff
what are you doing I’m going to get groceries
and then we talk about five minutes
some nonsense too
well nothing more rather short as conversation
but still a good morning
but I don’t see her we don’t really talk to each other
we say hello we cross each other it goes well usually
even if we have no particular relationship
and then we kept going separate ways
so when we meet we say hello
how are you doing what are you up to
are you aware of this or that
we give ourselves some small informations
some little news
it’s very quick
we say nice little things
that’s it it’s very short
and we have to deal with it because we don’t know people that much
so obviously each as a story