Amélie Berrodier-Correspondence-2015

Amélie Berrodier-Correspondence-2015    Amélie Berrodier-Correspondence-2015

For more than a year and a half, each day a letter is written and sent to a stranger.

These 479 letters sent contain informations about my daily life, my work, my hesitations, in the same way I could deliver them to a friend or my diary.

In a temporal logic resisting the new and more instantaneous ways of communication, this work aims to generate the various responses that make up the final installation.

Installation – Replies Received – 2014-2015

6 Showcases 50 x 150 cm
Overview of responses Received


For a long time I’ve been looking for a new way to communicate with people, to create encounters, chatty or silent, between a person, the spectator and myself.

I provoke it by setting up devices, keeping at a certain distance, protecting, until I push, surpass, forget them in order to register into a relationship of trust.