Electric Night Vol.23

Exhibition “Electric Night vol.23″
Palais des Paris – Takasaki, Gunma (Japan)

19 – 22 September 2020

One of the paradoxical effects of Coronavirus could be described in this way: it is a global phenomenon, and yet as each country remains relatively closed, there is little understanding of how it is happening elsewhere. It is certainly possible to imagine by mimicry of one’s personal experience, but little more.

As far as Japan is concerned, planes almost no longer fly, international artists can no longer move, so a structure like the “palace of betting” no longer seems to make sense. And yet in reality, works of art have the possibility to spread across material limits and they aim precisely to build meaning beyond the chaos of feelings.

Between the privacy of the house and the community of public spaces, the boundary of separation has been transformed. For example, in the street, the many masked faces allow the anonymity of the private. Or telework makes visible the interior of the apartments which lose some of their private character. For half a year most individuals have been faced with changes, a different porosity between the two spheres.

Amélie Berrodier’s works explore the blurred area between private and public. The artist behaves like a photographer looking to produce a portrait or a window framing, but rather than a photographic shot, she starts a video that captures in the long term all the uncertainty that unfolds in front of her.

The installation FENÊTRES (2015), offers videos of windows that capture the fleetingness of an apparition revealing a small part of intimacy from the street.

The installation PORTRAITS FILMÉS (2016), shows portraits of individuals who sit comfortably in their living room. With the duration of this shooting, the models gradually let out a part of intimacy, doubt, tremor of their internal feelings.

Although these works were formed several years ago, the tension emanating from them bears an uncanny resemblance to the expectation we have just endured in recent months, that of the suspension of time.

We are happy to present these two ensembles to you at the “Palace of Bets” and to invite you to come and experience the stealthy passage from the private to the public from the other side of the planet.

Text by Frédéric Weigel and Yoshiko Suto

Works presented: Por
traits Filmed – 2016 / Production: Association PollenF
enêtres – 2015 / With the support of ENSA Dijon