Amélie Berrodier-Faces-2017

Faces exhibition
Jeu de reins/Jeu de Vilains – Lyon (France)

September 19 2017 – October 10 2017

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For this new exhibition, Jeu de reins/Jeu de Vilains invites Amélie Berrodier. Jeu de reins/Jeu de Vilains is a micro exhibition space. This mobile space invites itself in exhibitions, openings, as much as in the street and gatherings, it is made visible for a nearby audience and by appointment via email to caroline.saves@gmail.com.

While the pocket is something private, accessible to use only by its owner, it is the opportunity to make its content public that attracted me here. I have therefore chosen to put images bearing this ambiguity between private and public. First from a practice used in a multiplied manner, the selfie gradually became democratised. Widely distributed on social networks, it can also be sent to relatives.

It is in this second category that my father’s private selfies are registered. They are here slipped into someone else’s pocket – where the phone is commonly kept, the original support of this practice – in order to become visible to all. They are also offered for appropriation. Each one is free to seize his favorite card to send it back to the author of the selfie, leaving him a handwritten comment.

Using the epistolary way, the commented photo regains its private nature and the short reaction text to the image is only known by its owner. It then sets up an alternative network between the concerned person and the operators of this process.

Amélie Berrodier-Faces-2017

A private pocket made public houses a public practice here private. 215 postcards proposed for appropriation.
A comment to send back to the owner.

Faces proposes to the spectators to participate in the construction of a more personal alternative network, addressed to a person.

Postcards – 11,5 x 11,5 cm – 2017

“Yes, I was surprised as well!”

“Oh! I’m cold, cold as ice. Oh! I’m burning into place”

“Hello to You!!”

“Cutie faces!”

“Head in the stars”

“A ray of sunshine, in the bubble of a goldfish.”

“Dead Jean-Pieere, the cap is a headgear made from fabric, leather or synthetic material, equipped with a visor,
fashionable from the beginning of the 19th century, very popular with the youth and the athletes. Warm Regards,”

“Hi Jean-Piere, I wasn’t aware you made postcards when you came back from residency with Matthew..
So how was Madagascar? BTW your 3D glasses look much better than the one from the Sucrière. See you soon.”

“Hi Jean-Pierre, let’s not forget the beanie in November!”

“sy.graham started following you.”

“Dear sir, I’m not fooled with your genuine bonhomie. Through your candid smile, a contortion is slipping.
Black framed glasses, pink flamingo as logo, cool dude’s straw hat… You are afflicted with a serious case of
hipsterisation. Don’t you worry, our rehab clinic is here to help you find the right path. Enroll by mail to our adress
scam@shadyplan.com. $160 the session. Quick recovery.”

“I totally agree, there are days when we sure want to blow and tell that life is quite annoying and too much unfair
just like a 5 year old! To be continued….”

“….and then there’s some other when we watch forward as a conqueror, the sun lights the road to march and
optimism is here! Kind regards”

“Sarrant’s medieval festival in Gers, Sir J.P.B ! Happy Christmas holidays to you and the whole family.
Special dedication to Amélie !”

“A little hello from Carcassonne ! Happy New Year 2018 !! Sophia, Rémi and Cooky !”