Exhibition view Rituel de l’Algorithme, Les Halles du Faubourg, Lyon (France) – 2019
Installation – Door, name plate, doormat – 93 x 215 cm – 2019

For Amélie Berrodier, the front doors are a reflection of the mysteries revealed by encounters with her models. They illustrate this moment of the encounter when a part of the unknown is revealed, where she made the first step to find herself in front of this door, getting new clues about the person she is about to discover. 

Amélie Berrodier considers this recovered object of salvage as a form of portrait in which the wear of the door, the typography chosen for the plate, its size, its layout on the door, the name of the owner are all constitutive elements of this abstract identity.

By choosing to exhibit this work, the artist continues her research around the portrait but also plays with the exhibition space. What does this section of the exhibition mean? Is it real or fictional ? Where does it take us? The viewer is invited to imagine the space behind and to dream of an encounter with the owner of this door. 

Lola Carrel