Nom Prénom, Rue du For, 01800 Pérouges, France












Exhibition views Nom Prénom, Rue du For, 01800 Pérouges, France, Maison des Arts Contemporains, Pérouges (France) – 2022
In situ installation – furniture and small objects on loan – 2022

Nom Prénom, Rue du For, 01800 Pérouges, France is an in situ installation designed for the Maison des Arts Contemporains de Pérouges.

Upon entering the art centre, the visitor is led into personal living spaces: dining room, bedroom, living room. These were created by the artist in collaboration with the inhabitants of the medieval town of Pérouges and the surrounding area. They are the result of several weeks of residency in the area during which Amélie Berrodier met with the people of Pérouges to ask them to lend a few objects from their homes. These spaces then took shape little by little, as the objects were proposed. Through their appearance, they function as a portrait of a fictitious character, a potential inhabitant of the medieval city, itself made up of samples of portraits of the inhabitants. The visitor is then invited to pay attention to each object, in order to detect the various personalities that make up the city.

By offering the viewer a personal interior, the aim is to create a discrepancy between the tourist side of the city, where only the façades are accessible for contemplation from the outside, and the possibility of entering a personal and intimate living space. The artist seeks to heighten the sensations that this intrusion can provoke and to play on a situation that regularly occurs at the art centre when foreign visitors cross the threshold with the idea of discovering the interior of one of these private houses. Inspired by the history of this place, Amélie Berrodier questions this border between public and private space through the creation of human-sized dioramas.

Amélie’s exchanges with the inhabitants also allow her to enrich these installations with a library of readings selected by the inhabitants. Visitors are invited to choose a book to read on the spot, sitting in an armchair, on the sofa, or even on the bed. The soundtrack played in the exhibition is a loop made with compositions or interpretations of the inhabitants who have a musical practice. Several details and references to the artist’s previous works can also be found in the exhibition, such as the installation of a clock, or several family photographs, a little game that the artist sets up to confuse the visitor who is invited to try to recompose the various families.