Pour la beauté du geste

Exhibition Pour la beauté du geste
Les Halles du Faubourg – Lyon (France)

03 – 25 July 2020

The last collective exhibition of the Halles du Faubourg brings together more than thirty artists, partners, and friends. Strong and varied sensibilities, with whom we were able to share, exchange and create. Out of solidarity, they have agreed to participate in this last project, the ultimate battle we will wage with them in these places. And even if the fight may prove to be lost in advance, we will fight it as a matter of principle. To defend values in which we firmly believe, but above all, to prepare for the future and enable us to build together the world of tomorrow.


Nawelle Aïnèche, Anide, Henri Aribert-Desjardins, Barroude, Amélie Berrodier, Victor Boucon, Burcher Artiste Peintre, Chufy, Nicolas Coutable, Ecole Urbaine de Lyon, FRIGO & CO, Adrian Gelineau, 3YONE aka Yandy Graffer, Dounia Jauneaud, Jeux demain collectif, Kesadi, Henri Lamy [Art], Jérôme Lavenir, Laurent Perche, Adrien Pinon, David Proux, Quetzilla, Lionel Rault, Pauline Repussard, Ugo Sebastiao, Simonux, Maud Soudain, Nabil Tazi, Antonin Tricard, Giulia Zanvit, Salah Ghezal, Khalil Hemsork.