Premiers rendez-vous

Group exhibition Premiers rendez-vous
Le Bail – Paris (France)

April 12th – May 11th, 2019
Monday to Friday 2:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Free admission

The BAIL offers with PREMIERS RENDEZ-VOUS a series of exhibitions of outdoors contemporary art. This artistic program is displayed in front of the entrance of the Carrefour des Associations Parisiennes for spring and summer 2019. Every month, artists, sculptors, videographers, performers, are invited to invest this space. These times of artistic experimentation and successive encounters are a rare opportunity in the Parisian landscape to apprehend open-air creation.

Video – 38 minutes – loop, 2018

Amélie Berrodier makes films, photographs and installations on the threshold of intimate space. From her encounters through different protocols (letters, door to door, waiting in front of gates) she creates portraits looking for balance between empathy and distance with her models. The everyday gestures become part of a fictional game, trying to find one-self waiting in front of the camera, between self-control and letting go.

For the launch of the First Appointments exhibition cycle, Amélie Berrodier presents Le Repas, a 38 minute video recording dedicated to bringing different people together over lunch. The acts and rites that emerge from this moment shared by the guests are revealed by a simple protocol: the removal of the verb. In the silence punctuated by the noise of the cutlery, the facial expressions, the gestures but also the senses find a singular place. The micro-movements that animate them give access to the writing of each other’s world.

Alys Demeure