Rituel de l’Algorithme

Collective exhibition Rituel de l’Algorithme
Les Halles du Faubourg – Lyon (France)

August 30th – September 22th 2019
Wednesday to Sunday 10 am-10pm

The collective exhibition Ritual of the Algorithm offers the public the result of six months of residence within
Les Halles du Faubourg of the artists : Amélie Berrodier, Victor Boucon and Xavier Brandeis, invited by the Taverne Gutenberg.

Eclectic and diverse, their productions converge towards a common concern: the evolution of contemporary rites towards a systematization and a uniformization of social codes and behaviors. Wood responds to metal, punching paint and coloured flats with meticulous drawings to question contemporary practices that influence 21st century habits and customs. Social networks, digital development or the desperate search for individuality are topics explored in this exhibition.

Ritual of the Algorithm becomes the occasion of a journey between the work of the three artists. Amélie Berrodier’s photographic explorations question the social norms and codes which appear through the practice of portraiture, and thus subtly reveal the subject’s unconscious attitudes towards the lens. Between installation, photography and drawing, Xavier Brandeis questions himself, contemporary behaviors and social rites that dictate and regulate our time. He rightly and ironically points to the individual’s navel-gazing and protectionist desire to stand out in the community. Finally, Victor Boucon’s constructions and objects tell a story between fiction and anticipation, where the visitor is invited to consider the consequences and results of these social transformations. His traditional recipes and poetic texts reduced to a destabilizing uniformity through the use of digital language thus oscillate between real future possibilities or dystopian inventions.

The family meal is an act of gathering around the table of very different individuals. Here, the guests have lunch in silence. Attention is then focused on the sharing of food, on the act of eating and the different rites that these situations engender.

This performance took place on September 20, 2019, as part of the collective exhibition “Rituel de l’Algorithme”, in Les Halles du Faubourg in Lyon.

FILM – 3 MIN – 2019

HD – 16/9 – Stereo